Test management

We support you in all phases of the test cycle and find the right way for your test management.

We offer support in test control and test monitoring. We are a reliable and flexible partner when it comes to organisingyour specific test requirements.

We use recognisedmethods and standards as well as our process expertise and practical experience to effectively support your test project.

Together with you, we will plan all the necessary steps

We accompany you throughout the entire duration of your project and support you in the implementation of effective and efficient test management.

Test control system and Test monitoring


Field Tests

Reliable tests of an overall system show the progress a project has made. In field tests, the interaction of all system components is tested in reality for the first time. NEXTRAIL provides expertise for the preparation, implementation and follow-up of comprehensive field tests.

The testing of complex systems involves multi-stage processes. One of these stages is the field test. In this test, the final test steps are carried out in the real environment, ideally at the planned place of use, in order to assess the functionality of the overall system.

NEXTRAIL provides comprehensive knowledge and maximum flexibility
in all three levels of a field test.


For more insights, contact our expert

Thomas Hildebrandt

He will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have about test management and field tests.

E-Mail: thomas.hildebrandt@nextrail.com
Mobile: +49 170 7245214

ETCS-test ride

  • We planned, carried out and documented ETCS test runs for our customer ÖBB.
  • Thanks to our support and the recording of distance and DMI, subsequent analyses are possible; the test time in the field is minimised.

ATO-test ride

  • We are also on the road at night for our customers in order to minimisedisruption to regular operations.
  • The collection of route information, DMI displays and JRU data enables subsequent analyses; this can minimize the repetition of test drives.