Safety Management

Safety and approval management with a complete portfolio for all safety-related topics. From risk and hazard analyses to CSM analyses and detailed inspection plans.

Reduced project duration. High process reliability during commissioning. Comprehensive safety management expertise is a critical factor for efficient and on-schedule project processes.

Safety is essential for the success of railway systems. Not only in operation, but also for smarter processes in each project phase. Documents that are optimally prepared and executed in accordance with standards, such as risk and hazard analyses and detailed inspection plans, can significantly shorten project duration and commissioning approval. For example, by minimising revisions, using standard-compliant tendering procedures and ensuring process reliability during commissioning.

This is why up-to-date knowledge of the applicable standards, regulations and procedures as well as the embedding of legal requirements into project workflows is essential for the success of your projects. With our team of renowned safety management experts with many years of experience, NEXTRAIL is at your side with specialist expertise in the railway sector for all safety-related topics.

Our services in the area of safety management:


5 out of 5 stars
  • Immediate understanding of the problem situation
  • Proactive information transfer for own processing (e.g. DB template)
  • Concrete, targeted and helpful discussion, comments and corrections
  • Pragmatic approach with measure and understanding
  • Comprehensive expertise
  • Very good responsiveness
  • Very flexible


Dr Jens Engelmann

Your contact person

Here you will find your contact person for safety management

Dr Sonja-Lara Bepperling

Member of Executive Board, head of Railway Safety, registered inspector for equivalent safety and risk assessment

Frankfurt am Main

Dr Sonja-Lara Bepperling is a member of the Executive Board and Head of Railway Safety at NEXTRAIL GmbH. For 15 years, she has been a proven expert in operational and technical risk analyses in the railway sector – in control-command and signalling system in particular. She possesses methodical expertise in risk and hazard analyses as well as in-depth knowledge of the processes involved in the approval processes.

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Complete process know-how. Intelligence from a single source.

Effective knowledge transfer, streamlined processes and quick access to in-depth technical expertise. Thanks to agile structures and experienced railway experts from a wide range of disciplines, NEXTRAIL is able to seamlessly cover all phases of the product life cycle of railway signalling systems.