Test and system integration

From testing to long-term observations during operation: we advise you with interdisciplinary expertise. For precise test results during system integration.

Sustainable security in system integration. Thanks to precise test results. From test design to long-term observations during operation. Accompanied by analytical, interdisciplinary expertise.

The digitalisation of the railways is the key to maximising capacity on the track. At the same time, however, new technologies increase the complexity of the systems and their artefacts. The flawless orchestration of all components in every situation requires an increasing degree of interdisciplinary expertise. This is precisely why the expert teams for test and system integration at NEXTRAIL have mastered the entire range of specialist disciplines. With many years of experience and a high level of expertise in IT, systems and process knowledge. Combined with a high level of operational expertise in the railway sector. In this way, NEXTRAIL supports railway operators and manufacturers throughout all test-related processes (test management). Right through to commissioning and beyond.


Our teams for cross-phase and comprehensive system fault management have their own tooling for test execution, evaluation and documentation that has proven its worth in practice. On request, we are also happy to work with the established tooling of the partner or the respective project team As part of system integration, we take care of the organisation, coordination and establishment of processes and contribute our expertise from lighthouse projects such as the Hamburg S-Bahn or Digital node Stuttgart to the technical solution finding and evaluation.


Furthermore, after commissioning, we also support you with long-term monitoring of the system in the areas of operation and technology. Error elimination over long periods of time plays just as important a role as fulfilling and adapting the specifications.

Our services in the field of test and system integration:

Your contact person

Here you will find your contact person for test and system integration

Dr Albrecht Achilles

Member of Executive Board, Head of ATO/TMS department


Dr Albrecht Achilles is a senior expert and head of the ATO/(C)TMS department at NEXTRAIL GmbH. His broad specialist expertise is based on many years of experience as a technical consultant for control and safety technology, both on the operator and on the manufacturer side. Dr Albrecht Achilles focuses on the technical area of the European Train Control System (ETCS), automatic train operation (ATO), traffic management systems ((C)TMS) and signalling controlled warning systems (SCWS) throughout the entire process – from conception, operational coordination, specification and integration to commissioning.

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Complete process know-how. Intelligence from a single source.

Effective knowledge transfer, streamlined processes and quick access to in-depth technical expertise. Thanks to agile structures and experienced railway experts from a wide range of disciplines, NEXTRAIL is able to seamlessly cover all phases of the product life cycle of railway signalling systems.