Data management

Development of processes, model-based methods, systems and tools for the highly efficient creation of planning and project data as well as for the optimisation of data management processes.

Standardised, smart digitisation and automation processes. Holistic view of data management. For sustainably accelerated project times.

The digital transformation of control and safety technology requires a large amount of data for a holistic approach. This includes both current topography and infrastructure data, as well as an exact digital reflection of reality that incorporates technical, procedural and operational aspects into the overall analysis. Such a task requires interdisciplinary expert knowledge from different areas in the railway sector. On the one hand, thorough knowledge of railway operations and in-depth knowledge of planning and implementation processes. On the other hand, extensive technical expertise in the technological fields of (C)TMS, ATO, ETCS and digital interlocking with their national and international specificities.

NEXTRAIL implements highly efficient processes for creating planning and project data. We combine a high level of expertise in data acquisition, modelling techniques and understanding of standards with many years of development experience. For intelligent data management that standardises and speeds up your project durably with smart digitisation and automation processes.

Our services in the area of data management:


With its bundled expertise in technologies, railway-specific processes and standards, NEXTRAIL supports DB Netz AG in projects such as the Digital Node Stuttgart thus makes a significant contribution to the Digitale Schiene Deutschland sector initiative.


Henning Nitzschke



For large line projects and demanding topology, the TRAXIMIZER system offers significant advantages over conventional terrestrial acquisition methods by capturing infrastructure data during operation, thus significantly reducing your project costs. The system can be deployed on a track-by-track basis without any infrastructure availability restrictions. This makes the requirements of track closures, construction site planning, safety planning and beta processes obsolete.



Do you want to identify and ascertain relevant infrastructure elements in the collected data and allocate them to your asset portfolio? Our TRAXPLORER makes it simple! Work with geo-referenced and synchronised data intuitively and easily.


Displaying large mass data is often difficult with conventional online tools. With the help of the point cloud technology online viewer, your data is not only protected, it is embedded in a map service so it is flexibly accessible from anywhere at any time.


NEXTRAIL used the TRAXIMIZER to record and prepare the inventory data of our infrastructure exactly as it is needed for our processes.


Franz-Josef Eberle

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Picture of Benedikt Wenzel in front of the Nextrail lettering

Dr Benedikt Wenzel

Member of Executive Board, head of DATA department


Dr Benedikt Wenzel is a senior expert and head of the data management department and system/RAMS engineering department at NEXTRAIL GmbH in accordance with EN 5012x. He has over ten years of experience in the fields of European Train Control System (ETCS) and safety. He is also a specialist in data management, including recording, processing and validation.

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Complete process know-how. Intelligence from a single source.

Effective knowledge transfer, streamlined processes and quick access to in-depth technical expertise. Thanks to agile structures and experienced railway experts from a wide range of disciplines, NEXTRAIL is able to seamlessly cover all phases of the product life cycle of railway signalling systems.