Erstmalige Durchfuehrung einer CSM RA fuer die Errichtung neuer ETCS Stellwerke

Optimising the acceptance of ETCS systems

DB InfraGO AG / DB Netz AG

Leipzig, November 2023 to September 2024
Digital Interlocking/CBTC

Optimisation of the static acceptance of ETCS balises and reduction in the cost of acceptance runs

The acceptance of ETCS is divided into a static balise acceptance and laboratory tests and acceptance runs. Both parts of the acceptance procedure are resource-intensive and utilise the scarce resources of the acceptance inspector.


In a joint work of NEXTRAIL and DB InfraGo AG, both have set the aim to optimise the acceptance of ETCS with minimising the use of resources.


Particularly in the area of procedural processes and the geo-referenced working method for static balise acceptance the project parnter were able to work out quality enhancing actions. Furthermore, the use of a safety analysis of the process (FMEA) laid the foundation for the reliability of the further developed, tool-supported processes. In several demonstrations, both partners were able to show together the successfull use of the developed actions.

Key areas of service

  • Project Management

  • Data Management/Digital Map

  • Security assessment

Special features

The project tested and validated the results achieved on several ETCS routes so that they could then be utilised on routes in the high-speed corridors.

Contact person

Here you will find your contact person for Strategy and concepts
Experte Andreas Kaldenbach

Dr Andreas Kaldenbach

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Railway Strategy and Consulting
Frankfurt am Main
Effective January 2023, Dr Andreas Kaldenbach became head of Railway Strategy and Consulting and a member of the Executive Board of NEXTRAIL GmbH. Dr Kaldenbach has proven himself to be a genuine railway enthusiast in management positions at Deutsche Bahn AG and has made a career as an expert dealing with challenging operational, technical and procedural issues in the railway sector.