ERTMS programme in Norway - Technical support for Bane NOR

Bane NOR

Norway, August 2017 to August 2021

The entire management of Norwegian rail traffic is centralised in a new traffic management system (TMS), which, among other things, enables network-wide conflict resolution and optimisation of railway operations. This creates an end-to-end process from initial timetable planning and scheduling to management via the safety-relevant systems of interlocking IXL and RBC. This makes the TMS a central communication system for all relevant stakeholders and associated systems, such as construction site management, emergency management, passenger information and accounting.

Bane NOR (formerly JBV) started implementing ERTMS in the norwegian rail network in 2013 as part of the complete renewal of its control and safety technology. In addition to introducing new interlocking technologies and ETCS Level 2 across the Norwegian network, Bane NOR is implementing a standardised and integrated traffic management system (TMS). As part of the project, all rail traffic management will be centralised in the new TMS, enabling network-wide conflict resolution and the optimisation of rail operations.


This results in an end-to-end process, from initial timetable planning and scheduling to management via the safety-relevant systems of interlocking and RBC. The ERTMS project also envisages the integration of a central information hub for all other associated systems, such as construction site management, a communication platform, passenger information and accounting. NEXTRAIL is supporting Bane NOR from a technical perspective in all project phases and over the entire life cycle. The overall project is expected to be completed by 2030.

Key areas of service

  • Support in the creation of operational scenarios with a focus on operational processing in the centralised operations control center, including coordination with the higher-level operational scenarios for the overall ERTMS system

  • Creation of the TMS system concept, including integration into the overall ERTMS system concept

  • Creation of the functional requirements specification – in particular, the core functions, ATO, integrated operating station (TMS, RBC, interlocking), interfaces and their coordination with other specification areas

  • Support with system integration, in particular with the coordination of the central interface specification’s security technology (RBC, interlocking) and TMS

  • Support for the RAMS process

  • Tender preparation and evaluation

  • Supervision of project implementation, responsible for the functional area of generic application (GA)

Special features

The project is part of the complete retrofitting and renewal of norwegian control-command and signalling system. It represents a flagship project for the European rail system. Here, all railway operations will be centralised in a single system, all processes for railway operations and management adapted, and an efficient, network-wide scheduling system introduced.

Contact person

Here you will find your contact person for Test and system integration

Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Achilles

Member of the Executive Board, Head of ATO/ TMS
Dr Albrecht Achilles is a member of the Executive Board and Head of ATO/TMS at NEXTRAIL GmbH. His broad specialist expertise is based on many years of experience as a technical consultant for control-command and signalling system, both on the operator and the manufacturer side. Dr Albrecht Achilles focuses on the technical area of the European Train Control System (ETCS), automatic train operation (ATO), traffic management systems (TMS) and signalling controlled warning systems (SCWS).