Conversion of conventional HOAI planning into a digital single-phase process


Leipzig, January 2023 to August 2023
DSTW Digital Interlocking/CBTC

Simulation of a newly developed digital single-phase planning on the basis of digitally recorded infrastructure data

Digitalisation is revolutionising the planning process. Through its targeted use in the realisation of complex large-scale projects, it is possible to visualise different planning variants at an early stage, standardise processes, create transparency, achieve realistic risk calculation and significantly reduce construction times and costs. Networking the subsections at an early stage should ensure closely interlinked cooperation and communication between all those involved. In contrast, the current planning of railway infrastructure projects according to the four planning phases of the HOAI is often time-consuming and does not fully utilise the potential of digital tools and processes in some areas. In many cases, it is even still based on completely paper-based documentation.


DB InfraGO AG plans to change this as quickly as possible and systematically convert the current planning phases 0 to 4 of the HOAI into digitally supported single-phase planning. A new type of planning that streamlines processes through the consistent use of digital methods and processes, avoids planning errors and ensures a smooth planning process based on digital infrastructure data. The aim is to accelerate construction projects through the digital planning process and the use of BIM methodology.


Digital Rail Germany is equipping up to 5,000 kilometres of track with ETCS technology as part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor (ScanMed) starter package project. The aim is to ensure an interoperable, cross-border rail network in future. In this context, DB InfraGO AG came up with the idea of single-phase planning, which was to be developed by the experts from NEXTRAIL and CERRS. To this end, the current actual process was recorded by NEXTRAIL and the required single-phase planning was derived and simulated. In addition, NEXTRAIL demonstrated the effects of using the data and tools as part of the simulation using two operating stations in the Halle network district and identified optimisation options. Recommendations were developed to ensure that an end-to-end digital process is created. This is to be put into practice through a high degree of coordination, synergetic cooperation and a project organisation geared towards this.

Key areas of service

  • Transfer of the preliminary planning, design planning and approval planning phases into a continuous single-phase planning process

  • End-to-end digital planning process for all trades from preliminary planning to execution planning

  • Derivation of a digital Planning process

  • Link to The BIM methodology

Special features

The step towards the digital single-phase plan of DB Netz AG defines the cooperative, partnership-based collaboration of all parties involved in the planning and construction process and can be understood as the basis for the paradigm shift in the realization of future rail infrastructure projects.

Contact person

Here you will find your contact person for Strategy and concepts
Experte Andreas Kaldenbach

Dr Andreas Kaldenbach

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Railway Strategy and Consulting
Frankfurt am Main
Effective January 2023, Dr Andreas Kaldenbach became head of Railway Strategy and Consulting and a member of the Executive Board of NEXTRAIL GmbH. Dr Kaldenbach has proven himself to be a genuine railway enthusiast in management positions at Deutsche Bahn AG and has made a career as an expert dealing with challenging operational, technical and procedural issues in the railway sector.