"Expertise in railway operations, methodological skills and know-how in the implementation of digital systems are crucial to the nationwide introduction of ATO."

Dipl. -Inform. (FH) Christian Klier

Dipl. -Inform. (FH) Christian Klier

Railway consultant, ATO/TMS department

  • Extensive expertise in ATO, surround sensors and vehicles
  • In-depth knowledge of ATO product development from many manufacturers
  • Many years of experience in project handling at the national and international level
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Christian Klier is a railway consultant in the ATO/TMS and ATO sensor technology department at NEXTRAIL GmbH. As a project manager and specialist for automatic train operation and with over 15 years of professional experience in the industry, he has extensive technical expertise both in the field of product development and interdisciplinary system integration.


Prior to joining NEXTRAIL as a railway consultant, Christian Klier was involved in researching and developing sophisticated mobility and infrastructure concepts for local and long-distance passenger transport and worked as a project manager for autonomous train systems at Siemens, among other things. In particular, the design of innovative products and solutions for the highly automated driving of rail-bound vehicles with ATO sensors. Thanks to his many years of experience in industrial systems development, his vehicle know-how and his extensive theoretical and practical ATO knowledge, he is able to drive projects forward as part of interdisciplinary teams with a high level of expertise.


Christian Klier attended the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences from 1999 to 2003 and graduated with an advanced degree in applied computer science.

Personal project references for Dipl. -Inform. (FH) Christian Klier

ATO in Digital node Stuttgart, DB Netz AG. Automated driving operation ATO over ETCS with GoA 2.

Optimisation of braking performance, Knorr-Bremse. Project management of simulation and study on the effect of braking power on rail traffic in ETCS/ATO operation.

Advanced vital vehicle operation, Siemens AG. Project management for the development of a system component based on ETCS and ATO for autonomous provisioning runs.

Product development, Siemens AG. Project management for the development of a camera-based detection and evaluation system for pantographs of rail vehicles and e-highway vehicles.

As part of the Digital node Stuttgart project, automatic train operation (ATO) over ETCS is used to implement automated driving operations with train drivers at automation level 2 (GoA 2). The aim is to increase punctuality in the timetable, increase capacity and drive in as energy-optimised manner as possible during scheduled operation. In this context, NEXTRAIL supports the processing of content throughout all project phases and is primarily responsible for the operational and functional aspects of ATO. In addition, NEXTRAIL supports the project teams of DB Netz AG in system and project development for the peripheral systems Capacity & Traffic Management System (CTMS) and Digital Register.

Carrying out the simulation and preparation of the railway management study on the potential for increasing quality and capacity on ETCS/ATO routes as well as increasing the stability of driving operations by means of an improved on-board braking system.

Product owner, project manager and team leader at Siemens in the development of the Advanced Vital Vehicle Operation (AVVO) system component as a vital addition to the ATO/ETCS system for carrying out the unattended automatic operation (GoA 4) of an S-Bahn vehicle. The development included the integration of ETCS onboard, vehicle control, ATO onboard, ATO route, 5G communication to the landward side and the development of software safety integrity level (SIL) 2 in accordance with CENELEC EN50128, EN50129, EN50159.

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