ETCS investigation of the Stuttgart S-Bahn main line

DB Netz AG

Stuttgart, October 2017 to December 2019


Special feature of the project

ETCS Level 2 without signals in conjunction with ATO GoA 2 brings a significant hub in the train sequence with already available technology.

ETCS investigation on the Stuttgart S-Bahn main line Feasibility of using ETCS Level 2.

As part of the commissioning of the Stuttgart 21 railway project, DB Netz AG commissioned NEXTRAIL to examine the feasibility of using ETCS Level 2 on the main line of the Stuttgart S-Bahn. Here, for the first time, a condensed block division with ETCS was examined for local transport. The study focused in particular on the dimensioning of block spacing using track vacancy and the effect of increasing train density on radio traffic.

It was shown that tight block division at the platform using short track vacancy sections leads to increased capacity. The technical requirements for the ATO system were also further detailed for the first time for GoA 2 in the area of main railways.

The results showed that the use of ATO GoA 2 also makes it possible to operate trains automatically at short notice, which increases the operational quality and, in future, also the capacity of the lines.

Key areas of service

Special features

Thanks to the combination of specialist expertise, it was possible to demonstrate for the first time that ETCS Level 2 without signals with condensed block division in dedicated areas provides a significant boost in train sequence. In all, it was determined that all effects can be achieved with immediate or timely technology on the basis of European harmonised specifications.

In addition, it became clear that investment and running costs can also be reduced, as many infrastructure elements become redundant and no longer need to be purchased or maintained. Furthermore, higher revenue is to be expected from a larger supply of routes.

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