Comprehensive system integration for the Stuttgart digital node

PSU GmbH / DB Netz AG

Stuttgart, September 2022 to 2026
ATO TMS DSTW Digital Interlocking/CBTC

Novel sub-project for system integration - concentrated at overall system level.

In the pilot node of Digital Rail Germany (DKS), digital control and safety technology is planned and implemented for maximum performance, operational quality and resilience. With the commissioning of the Digital Node Stuttgart (DKS) in 2026, Deutsche Bahn is defining the parameters for the digital transformation of the railroads in Germany. In this project, all technologies of DSTW, ETCS, iLBS, ITSecurity, bbIP, ATO as well as various peripheral systems will be equipped together for the first time at a central German railroad node and introduced in regular operation.


With a large number of innovative new functionalities and components developed specifically for this project, implemented in close cooperation between the manufacturer and the subsequent operator, and subsequently rolled out throughout Germany. Given this complexity, the commissioning of the Digital Node Stuttgart is a mammoth task from a process, technical and organizational perspective. The main contractors control the technical integration across the system. Comparably complex LST projects have shown, however, that in addition to the technical and functional consideration, the investigation from the process perspective, such as rail operations and operations management, is also inherent in the system for smart and efficient commissioning. The sub-project "DKS System Integration" ensures smart and smooth commissioning of the LST in the Stuttgart node at the overall system level by synergistically combining technical and process perspectives. DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH has initialized the sub-project "DKS System Integration" for this extended overall view of the Stuttgart digital node.


NEXTRAIL supports this sub-project in five work packages, from project management and project control, to the conception and creation of the comprehensive test concept, to the planning, monitoring, analysis and testing of both the system and process tests. Always with a focus on the process view of railroad operations and operations management.

Key areas of service

  • Project management & project control integrated into Project Planning in Project DKS

  • Stakeholder management, quality management and document management

  • Conception and creation of the overall test concept

  • Support of test execution and analysis of test results

  • Support of process testing and verification, with a focus on the process view (railroad operations, operations management)

Special features

Within the scope of the tasks in the individual work packages, NEXTRAIL has to consider the following cross-sectional dimensions:

  • Relevant DKS system releases
  • Commissioning stages
  • Concrete test dimensions, such as functional, non-functional, RAM or safety aspects.

The developed basics from the sub-project "DKS system integration" should be applicable as a blueprint for the further LST rollout at DB Netz.

Contact person

Here you will find your contact person for Test and system integration

Dr.-Ing. Albrecht Achilles

Member of the Executive Board, Head of ATO/ TMS
Dr Albrecht Achilles is a member of the Executive Board and Head of ATO/TMS at NEXTRAIL GmbH. His broad specialist expertise is based on many years of experience as a technical consultant for control-command and signalling system, both on the operator and the manufacturer side. Dr Albrecht Achilles focuses on the technical area of the European Train Control System (ETCS), automatic train operation (ATO), traffic management systems (TMS) and signalling controlled warning systems (SCWS).