SmartRail 4.0 – development of a new control and safety technology architecture for SBB

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen AG

Switzerland, July 2017 to December 2020


Special features of the project:

‘Co-development of an innovative architecture for control and safety technology based on geometric logic.’

Digital collection and provision of all infrastructure data by Topo4. Development of a (semi-)automated project planning process for SmartRail 4.0.

NEXTRAIL supported SBB in developing an innovative architecture for control and safety technology based on geometric logic. The aim is to increase line capacity and thus the competitiveness of the railways. The focus was on (semi-)automated project planning (AMP) and Topo4: In the AMP sub-project, NEXTRAIL supported the development of a faster and partially automated project planning process for SmartRail 4.0. The focus here was on the ETCS interlocking system and the connected systems such as object controllers.

In the Topo4 subproject , NEXTRAIL supported the acquisition of the geometric safety logic. In particular, the continuous collection of true and secure topological and topographical infrastructure data was ensured.

Key areas of service

Special features

Its many years of experience in modernising planning and project processes make NEXTRAIL a qualified partner for the digitisation of railways. NEXTRAIL’s unique expertise in the field of rail infrastructure recording – with laser scanners, for example – makes it a reliable partner in the development of a system for capturing infrastructure data as well as its evaluation, processing and provision in a forward-looking data management system.

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