Technical Papers

The successful development projects for railway operators with EN 5012x
Extract from SIGNAL+DRAHT issue November 2023, page 27 – 35
Antje Freitag and David Karbe (NEXTRAIl GmbH)

The challenges and solution approaches in ETCS approval and safety management
Extract from SIGNAL+DRAHT issue July+August 2021, page 13 – 22
David Karbe and Lars Eilrich (NEXTRAIl GmbH),
Frank Werner and Robert Schätzle (Quattron Management Consulting GmbH)

On the path to reliable topological data

Extract from SIGNAL+DRAHT issue May 2020, page 35 – 39
Benedikt Wenzel (NEXTRAIL GmbH), Nicole Gundmann (SBB AG)


TRAXIMIZER – Digitale Railway Infrastructure
For large line projects and demanding topology, the TRAXIMIZER system offers significant advantages over conventional terrestrial acquisition methods by capturing infrastructure data during operation, thus significantly reducing your project costs. The system can be deployed on a track-by-track basis without any infrastructure availability restrictions. This makes the requirements of track closures, construction site planning, safety planning and beta processes obsolete.


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