Support with DiB test management

Support with DiB test management DB Netz AG Berlin, Januar 2020 to December 2022 Special feature of the project Efficient test planning and execution, involving all DB stakeholders as well as manufacturers. Optimisation of the test process DB Netz AG is working on the specification, development and approval of an integrated system for the standardised […]

ATO operational–technical coordination

ATO operational–technical coordination DB Netz AG Berlin, December 2021 to present Special feature of the project Efficient project management for the timely development and integration of ATO into the DB system architecture within the framework of Digital node Stuttgart. ATO operational–technical coordination Support of the introduction of ATO-TS from the development of the specification to […]

17030 ERTMS programme in Norway

ERTMS programme in Norway – technical support for Bane NOR Bane NOR Norway, August 2017 to August 2021 Benefits of the project The entire management of Norwegian rail traffic is centralised in a new traffic management system (TMS), which, among other things, enables network-wide conflict resolution and optimisation of railway operations. This creates an end-to-end […]