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NEXTRAIL offers overall system consultancy and technical support for railway operators and suppliers worldwide. As part of the quattron group NEXTRAIL complements the consultancy expertise for management, project controlling, IT and politics by operational and technical know-how.

Services at a glance

Our know-how of railway systems ensures practical consultancy services and an effective and efficient support for your project. Any considerations are made in the dimensions of operation, technic and Organisation. NEXTRAIL offers expertise for the following techniques and systems:

Train protection systems (especially ETCS and CBTC), signaling and interlocking technology, level crossing safety systems, management and supervision technology (TMS) and track warning systems (SCWS).

The consultancy service of NEXTRAIL comprises the entire life cycle of railway systems: Starting with the development of concepts, specifications, norms and tendering documents, over RAMS and CSM analysis reaching to testing, validation and systems integration. This consultancy portfolio is supplemented and completed by services around infrastructure data management, like measurement, verification and tool based administration.

Services in detail

System engineering - Conceptions / Specification

NEXTRAIL supports the development of system concepts, stakeholder analysis and requirement engineering right from the beginning of the system life cycle, integrating technical, functional and operational perspectives. In parallel to this and as part of the engineering process we also develop engineering guidelines. Based on this, NEXTRAIL supports the tendering process by e.g. developing the specifications for tenders, LCC evaluation or by developing evaluation criteria for the selection of tenderers.

Safety Management

The services in the scope of safety management are e.g. risk and hazard analysis, CSM analysis according to regulation 402/2013, safety plans and safety cases. As part of the approval process NEXTRAIL develops e.g. test plans, verification reports or impact assessments according to national and international standards. In addition, we offer also process consultancy to ensure a joint and practical process design, involving all relevant stakeholders.

System engineering - System integration

On the way towards commissioning, NEXTRAIL supports railway operators and suppliers with the development, execution and evaluation of system tests and with systematic and tool based bug tracking. After commissioning we support the long-term monitoring of the system in the dimensions operation, technic and organisation. In the scope of system integration NEXTRAIL ensures the organisation, coordination and execution of processes across system boundaries (e.g. CR management), introducing know-how for practical and technical problem solving and evaluation.

Data management

The digitalization of processes requires a comprehensive understanding of railway specific engineering and implementation processes as well as of IT methods for modelling and development. NEXTRAIL integrates this expertise into your projects and supports you by the development and implementation of digital processes, including the necessary interfaces (e.g. railML) and methods for efficient data acquisition and data management (e.g. BIM).


Our experts have extensive experience in cross-system projects. Customers like the German Railways (DB), the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and the Norwegian Railways (Bane NOR) benefited already from our operational and technical know-how - particularly for ERTMS. In addition, NEXTRAIL performed projects on behalf of the suppliers (e.g. Siemens).

The following is a selection of current and completed projects:

ETCS Level 2 project support (ÖBB)

The technical support by NEXTRAIL for the introduction of ETCS L2 at ÖBB covers the entire period from the tendering phase to the commissioning phase and includes the preparation of specifications and tender documents, requirements specification, planning of balises, data checking, test specification, test monitoring and support of project management. Following the successful commissioning of ETCS L2 in the projects Unterinntal, Vienna and Nordbahn, the current focus is on the introduction of ETCS L2 without light signals on the freight train bypass around St. Pölten.

Rail Vehicle Approval Desiro CityJet (Siemens)

The project includes developing and issuing of the test scripts and supporting the coordination within the approval process. The test scenarios apply to ETCS Level 1 and Level 2 in the scope of the “Rail Vehicle Approval of Siemens Desiro City Jet for the ÖBB”.

ERTMS National Implementation Project (Bane NOR)

The Norwegian rail operator Bane NOR will implement ERTMS (ETCS and TMS) nationwide in the next years. Here NEXTRAIL accompanies Bane NOR in the field of TMS (Traffic Management System) through all project phases, including in the tendering phase, the design and engineering and integration, testing and commissioning, in the areas of process design and the functional and operational engineering.

ETCS on the regional line of the S-Bahn Stuttgart (DB Netz AG)

As part of Stuttgart 21 the renewal of the control and safety systems for the S-Bahn Stuttgart is planned. This project shall prove the feasibility that ETCS L2 can be used in the Stuttgart S-Bahn Line while the requirements of capacity, robustness and timeliness are met.

Management System Architecture DiB - NeuPro (DB Netz AG)

There are currently several development projects at DB Netz AG, including NeuPro for the digital interlocking and DiB for the integrated traffic management system. To ensure the interaction of the systems developed, DB Netz AG installs a cross-project architecture management. NEXTRAIL supports the process especially at the interface between the projects DiB and NeuPro.

Optimization of Test Management Control Systems (DB Netz AG)

The DB Netz AG performs system integration tests and system tests for the traffic management systems of different manufacturers. The aim of the project is to analyse the existing test processes and deriving an optimized process description including the evaluation of the best possible tool support. NEXTRAIL supports both the definition and the introduction of new processes and the tool evaluation and tool implementation.

RAMS Management - Bangkok Extension (Siemens)

For the extension of the Blue Line to the Purple Line NEXTRAIL supported Siemens in safety management for the integration of the control, communication and safety system, traction power and engineering. The focus of the activities was the creation of the safety plan, hazard management incl. Hazard Log, management of safety requirements and the creation of the safety cases.

SmartRail 4.0: ETCS interlocking - TOPO4 and AMP (SBB)

The SmartRail 4.0 project aims to develop a new architecture for the control and safety systems which will (among others) contribute to increase the line capacity and efficiency and thus the competitiveness of rail. The project includes the development of a combined ETCS interlocking, which relies on a geometric safety logic. NEXTRAIL supports the two subprojects TOPO4 and AMP. TOPO4 serves to continually ensure updated and reliable topological and topographical infrastructure data during the entire life cycle as an input for the geometric safety logic. AMP is to develop a semi-automatic design process for SmartRail 4.0, focussing on the ETCS interlocking as well as the connected systems (e.g. object controller).

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