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Dr Benedikt Wenzel

Dr Benedikt Wenzel

Member of Executive Board
Head of DATA Department

  • Many years of experience in collecting, processing and validating infrastructure data
  • Trade-spanning expertise in the fields of ETCS, RAMS/CENELEC and digitisation
  • High level of expertise in project handling at the national and international level

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Dr Benedikt Wenzel is a senior expert and head of the data management department and system/RAMS engineering department at NEXTRAIL GmbH in accordance with EN 5012x. He has over ten years of experience in the fields of European Train Control System (ETCS) and safety. He is also a specialist in data management, including recording, processing and validation. Prior to joining NEXTRAIL as a senior consultant, he worked as a team and project manager for successful ETCS projects for leading railway operators at one of Germany’s largest engineering companies. His current projects focus on the intelligent digitisation of planning and testing processes as well as the distribution of data to track and on-board systems.

For his dissertation, ‘Development of a new validation approach for ETCS message data’, Dr Benedikt Wenzel received a doctorate in engineering from TU Dresden in 2013. Already in his diploma thesis entitled ‘Conception and Development of an ETCS database on the example of Saudi Railways Organization (SRO)’, he dealt deeply with the topic of the advancing the digitisation of railways.

As a research assistant and doctoral student, he was also responsible for collaborative research projects at TU Dresden, where he lectured in the field of ETCS and (semi-)formal methods in system development. He has also played an active role in the development of software for the validation of ETCS planning data using measurement data, among other things.

Contact Dr Benedikt Wenzel at the Berlin office

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